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Founded in 1923, Scripto is distinguished by a rich history rooted in early 20th century America ingenuity. In 1923, M.A. Ferst invented the world's first mechanical pencil, thus beginning the legacy that made the Scripto mechanical pencil an American industrial icon. Although much has changed over the past 80 years, Scripto still maintains Mr. Ferst's vision of innovation with purpose, a principle that is reflected in fine products at exceptional values.

1923: M.A. Ferst invents the first mechanical pencil. The M.A. Ferst Company, a major supplier of graphite pencil leads, introduced a new mechanical marvel with a simple mechanism to propel and repel lead.
1924: Company name changed to Scripto (Latin for "I Write") Manufacturing Company.
1955: Scripto enters the refillable cigarette lighter business with the introduction of the "Vu-Lighter", a transparent butane lighter.
1957: Acquires Anja Engineering Corporation, an international leader as a supplier of writing instruments, writing instrument components and writing instrument production and test equipment.
1974: Tokai-Seiki, a Japanese manufacturer of high quality disposable cigarette lighters partners with the Scripto Manufacturing Corporation. Cigarette lighters, produced and marketed by Tokai, carry the Scripto name for the first time.
1980: Scripto introduces the world's first disposable erasable pen.
1984: Tokai-Seiki, now known as Tokai Corporation, becomes the official Scripto owner.
1988: Company name becomes Scripto-Tokai Corporation with corporate headquarters in California and manufacturing operations Tijuana, Mexico.
2000: The Scripto name is recognized by consumers across the United States. Scripto utility lighters are the #1 selling utility lighters in the market*. Scripto electronic cigarette lighters are the leading electric lighters in the market*. All Scripto cigarette lighters combined are the second best selling lighters in the market. Scripto writing instruments continue to represent an important part of our growing business.

1972: Established at Yokohama [TOKAI SEIKI CO.,LTD.]
1975: Started OEM production
1976: Established Tokai Seiki Co.(H.K.) Ltd. in Hong Kong
1979: Integrated factory in Fuji-Oyama (Main Factory) started production
1980: Established Tokai of America (U.S.A.)
1981: Established Tohoku-Tokai (Metal Parts)
1982: Launched "VESTA" domestic brand in Japan
1982: Established Tokai Seiki GmbH (Germany)
1983: Launched Piezo electronic disposable cigarette lighters (P2 model)
1984: Changed name to [TOKAI CORPORATION]
1984: Established Scripto Tokai (U.S.A.)
1985: Launched multi-purpose utility lighter in Japan and United States
1985: Established Panama Tokai S.A.
1985: Established Tokai Australia PTY LTD.
1985: Established Tokai of Canada Ltd.
1987: Established Tokai De Mexico S.A.C.V.
1987: Established Tokai Seiki Holland
1987: Factory in Turkey started operation
1989: Established Scripto-Tokai (USA)
1989: Established JMP Tijana Factory in Mexico
1990: Established P.T.Tokai Dharma Indonesia
1995: Tokai Foshan Factory started production

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